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I Did It !!

Aha ! I’ve managed to hack the ‘Gallery’ code in such a way that it will use Symbolic links instead of copying over the pictures from the original directory ! Yippie for me, and for my hard drive space !! … Continue reading

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They are doing construction works in the next apartment ! I Couldn’t sleep ! The Noise Is driving me mad !!! Drilling, knocking, hammering, drilling again, hammering again ! ARRGH !!! I WANT SOME QUIET ALREADY !!! Why can’t they … Continue reading

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New Feature: Embedded Photo Gallery !

Huh ! Finally ! I’ve installed and added the photo gallery. You can access it from Hall Of Pictures there on the left. I still have some tweaking to do with it. Like making it make a symbolic link instead … Continue reading

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New Links !!

I’ve added in some links ! Well, I’ve added those links which I visit most frequantly. If I visit them so often, why shouldn’t you try them ?

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More Improvements !

I’ve changed a few more things in this site ! It’s theme basically fits the rest of the site and isn’t the default PHP-Nuke comes with. I’m going to impove it more some day. Not today. I’m going to Play … Continue reading

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PHP Nuke Page Online !

I’ve managed to get it up and running ! Keep reading for more. Oded.

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PHP Nuke Is Up And Running !!!

Finally I Got it up and running !! Yeah me ! Keep reading for more.. Oded.

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