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I’ve managed begging and tricking enough people to join me in my quests in BRD. I’ve done about 6 of the 10 quests I needed there. but there are more to go. I’m hoping to finish the rest today.

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I’m angry. I feel rejected. Warcraft annoys me greatly. Rather, the people who play it annoy me. Short explanations about WoW’s high level content. When you’re playing you get XP from killing mobs or solving quests. I prefer to solve … Continue reading


quoting my statistics teacher

I don’t have anything to post but this quote that the proffesor in the statistics course in my MBA program said: Oded is very quiet, but when he speaks it’s always words of wisdom.

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Doctor said: Don’t eat any acidic things. No fruit juices, no onions or garlic, nothing spicy, and refrain from non-soft foods. I decided to link to a Scott Adams Blog post about this subject, but this appeared instaed: Why did … Continue reading

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WTF ???

image title: I’m really into this sewing machine… can anyone explain to me what the fuck is going on in this picture ? Comment up with your best guess ! Funniest one will win an award !

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DING !!!!!!

W00t !!! I Finally DINGGed LVL 60 on WoW !!! Yay me !!! it took 590 game play hours to do that. Geeeez. it’s a long game I’ve been told that now i’m only half way through playing the game. … Continue reading

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X X X X X X X X L1 !!!!!!!!

The new Prince Of Persia Trailer Is hillarious ! Thanks to Robin’s Blog. She doesn’t know who i am or even that i exists, but i read her blog. It’s funny, when you read someone’s blog for a while know … Continue reading

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Granny Gamer

See This video clip Or visit Old Grandma Hardcore‘s blog.

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Yet More Useless Links !

What can i do… i’m on “surf” mode today. here goes, I liked what was in Robin’s blog today:

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More and More links

3rd link today, what do you say, huh ? Ok.. First, I read that Wil Wheaton from Star Trek TNG (yes, it’s Wil with 1 L, Anne) is going to make A podcast ! This link is to test what … Continue reading

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