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Call from Virgin Galactic

Friday 27/2/05 14:36, i get a call from an unknown number in the UK. On the line is Steve, from Virgin Galactic, which operate the new commecial space flight project. I’ve signed up in their website some time ago as … Continue reading


Dunkin Donuts

Mmmmm….. The most yummy thing in the world is food you have a craving for. My cousin came from New York to Isreal on a business trip from his work as a secretary at “Habonim Dror”. I asked him to … Continue reading

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Cool links

this is Amusing, But, this is AMAZING !

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Guess the game

And Audio Game Quiz (via)

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Current State: Unknown

I don’t know. I just don’t know. Before I started working here at Exanet i was drifiting, pointless, without a goal, and purposeless. A lot of people take a trip to the far east to “search themselves”. I need a … Continue reading

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Foodlog: Agadir Buger-bar

Place name:Agadir Bar-burger Location and distance from work:0 min. Atmosphere: American. Genreal food category: Hamburgers + diner. Items tested: – Hamburger with sunny-side-up egg Mmmm… Delicious. Price: 36NIS Overall: Great, Fast, and tasty.

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Foodlog : Sali

Place name:Sali Location and distance from work:10-15 minutes. Atmosphere: Expensive. Genreal food category: Japaneese. Items tested: – Sushi Delicious. We ate Tuna and scallions Maki, Salmon and Avocado Maki and Salmon Nigiri. It was excellent. – Rema soup I initially … Continue reading

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Foodlog : New York, New York

Place name: New york, New york. Location and distance from work:10 minutes. Atmosphere: American diner. Genreal food category: American. Items tested: – Antreecott steak Comes with small salad. Price: 49 NIS Overall: EXCELLENT !! One of my co-workers is a … Continue reading

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Foodlog: Gargir

Place name:Gargir Location and distance from work:0 minutes, it’s downstairs.. Atmosphere: shiq + humus place. Genreal food category: Humus bar. Items tested: – Yam Soup Was nice, and came with hot-from-over fresh Pita bread, they bake the pita at the … Continue reading

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I might need a “links” thingy like Ron Gilbert has. Here’s this one: The Single Bitter Announcement Weblog

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