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Daily highlights for yesterday

First, my Dad is doing great. Already at home since thursday, walking well, and looks much better. We urge him to rest, but he is eager to play with the new toy he got in form of a titanium transplant … Continue reading

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Dad hospital tales – Continued.

So even though my mom is very worried, I get the feeling that my dad is doing much better. He’s walking and seems rather ok, but has a temprature of 37.4-38.4. And he’s slightly yellowish, and he doesn’t sleep too … Continue reading

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Oded’s Dad – so far so good.

I couldn’t sleep at all last night. So at 7:30 I decided to go to the hospital where my dad had my father had a back surgery. I was suppose to wake up later, as usual and go there only … Continue reading

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I’m as famous as William Shatner !

Well, almost. An article about my encounter with Shatner was published in the Starbase 972 site today. Already there are comment, and people know me and respect me. WOOT ! i’m l33t.

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Accomplishments and goals

After hearing the last post’s song 4 times (first of which got annoyingly interupted by Lee who woke up because i was too distracted from the real world that exists beyond my computer screen today, and i forgot to come … Continue reading

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Pitiful : NEW WEIRD AL SONG !!

straight from Weird Al Yancovik site: HEY!How would you like to download a brand new Weird Al song… for free? Yeah, we thought you might. Right-click (ctrl-click for Mac) on one of the links below, and select “save target as” … Continue reading

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geeks with no girlfriends.

What happens to those geeks sitting in their labs in the university all day long, that don’t go out and have sex with girls ? This. This happens. Be sure to watch the movie.


Why is this so funny ?

I have no idea why this voiceovered LOTR segment is so funny. from : Boing Boing

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All the parts of this baby are sitting on the couch and floor, with that “brand new” smell. Athalon 3800+ X2 Dual Core of pure speed ! 2GB DDR ram of non-swapping delight ! 7600GT of graphics fierpower ! 250gb … Continue reading

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History Repeating !

Oh God ! I’ve bumped into a post from a year ago, A YEAR AGO ! Here Nothing has changed, I bought a GeForce FX5200 a year ago hoping to play pshychonauts, but it is too choppy for me to … Continue reading

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