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Over vented

I have a few thing on my mind that I would on any other day of the week write about. I don’t really feel like that right now. One of which was a thought to post the next parts parts … Continue reading

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Freaking Sweet !

Wow ! Everyone who LOVES family guy , including Wil Wheaton have GOT to listen to Family Guy Live in Las Vegas !!! It’s SO FREAKING SWEET ! I laughed so hard when hearing track no.9 : 80’s T.V. Medley. … Continue reading

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Magic Fantasy Land : ONLINE !

This Comic gives a good view of how online games are.

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And Another

THIS IS COOL ! Too bad i already have a degree, and probably know everything they teach there. Maybe *I* can teach there ???

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Another Article.

And Assaf Razon sent this article to me after my rant/comparison of the show biz and high tech worlds. I read through page one, which was nice to read. Can someone summerize me the rest ?

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Last posts’s article

I’ve actually read last posts’s article. There’s a passage there that reminded me a chat with Amnon on the subject of games: A lot of people tell me: “I’ve got a great idea for a game.” Frankly, who gives a … Continue reading


Computer Game Design.

Amnon sent me this link. For an article in Gamespot. Which i didn’t read because i thought it was too long and too uninteresting because all the people who are written about in the article made games that sucked. this … Continue reading

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Funny Statstics

A comment i made in Astrid’s Blog lead to this funny conversation. I wanted to share it with you. I her blog, Astrid complained about work, so I commented: Title :Don’t Dispair 5 out of 8 of the blogs i … Continue reading

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iPod Flea

iPod Flea

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Wil Wheaton

From Wil Wheaton‘s blog On my way to find a lounge, I stopped by my regular bar to get an Anchor Steam. (In Vegas, hitting the same bar three days in a row officially qualifies you as a regular.) The … Continue reading

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