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So it goes like this, for the past two weeks i’ve been going to an avarage of 2-3 job interviews per day. Today i had 4. Each one takes between an hour or two, and it takes about 30 minutes … Continue reading

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RIP Dead Like Me

Dead like me didn’t get renewed for a third season. It sucks. link: Tv Tome’s DLM webpage

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I Hate Winter

I Hate Winter. It’s cold, it’s wet, and it’s dark, and i hate it. can it PLEASE be summer again ????

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LOOK !!! LOOK !!!!! It’s Here !!!! The First trailer to the Hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy movie !!!! Don’t Panic !!!!!

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RIP Suprnova

I can’t elaborate. just read slashdot: here Goodbye suprnova so, what now ?

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Blaaaah !

i’b sick. yes. Be too ! Everyboby is sick add dat idcludes be ! on tobp of that by hand is hurt too, so it hurts to typbe ! Read aboudt it is Lee’s Blog… She’d had plentdy of timbe … Continue reading

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CTRL+ALT+DEL comic book

IT’S HERE !!! Ctrl+alt+del Vol. 1 is here !!! I don’t know why it took me almost a week to write about getting it, but im still excited to own this very fine work of art. I’ll suggest again, and … Continue reading


Soledad’s going away for a year

My sister is going to London and USA for a year tommorow. I hope she has a lot of fun, and i’ll miss her greatly !! Maybe she’ll write stuff up in her blog BON VOYAGE !!!!

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Weekly Blurb 2: Geminoid meteor shower

I had a mixed up week, especially sleepwise. It all started after I got home, feeling sick again from my grandmother’s hannuka/birthday party i organized (See part 1). I almost immidetly fell asleep, and it was only 23:00. I usually … Continue reading

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Weekly blurb 1: Family and Meteor Showers

Hello and welcome to my weekly blurbs… 🙂 Part 1: I don’t see my more distant family all too much. an occasional wedding, or bar-mizva here and there, once in every long while, and unfortunanly at funurals and memorial services… … Continue reading

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