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A day with Leo

I met leo at 13:30 at Bob’s bagel shop. I drank coffee while waiting and the girl who’s working there asked me how to write Humus and Schug. How do you write actually Schug ? Leo came and we went … Continue reading

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I started feeling alone here in Taiwan. I had no one to hang out with today, since Bob’s expecting the baby, and Nelson had some family thing. I slept really and aimlessly went to the “Sogo Department Store”, which is … Continue reading

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Hey all. Unlike the previous 3-week trip to Taiwan, which felt like a very good and long vacation, this time doesn’t. It’s routine, regular, and non-vacationy.No big show to prepare to, not a lot of touring, just sitting in the … Continue reading

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Back In Taiwan

Hey. I’m back in taiwan. The flight here was a bit longer then the one i was on before, it went through Bangkok instead of Hongkong. I have 2 extra wasted hours i spent in reading in the Bangkok terminal. … Continue reading

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Meetings and more Meetings

I’ve been meeting a lot of people this week, since i’ve been back. First i’ve finally met in person this swedish girl that i’ve met a few weeks ago over at the ICQ, we share a lot in common and … Continue reading

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Lee’s Shtiyat Samal

Lee got her Sargent rank today, and for that had a “Shtiyat Samal” at the army. She is posted as a secretary, typist, in the office of the IDF’s personnal general. She complains a lot about her army duties, and … Continue reading

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Back in Israel

I’m back in Israel. I Met many my friends during the weekend, and had visit my grandmother on Saturday. My dad, sister, lee, and me played Rummy. It’s been a while since I played. Lee kept winning. She always does. … Continue reading

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Taiwan Day 21

I’m so damn tired. I went to sleep at 4am, and set my clock to 11am. I Snoozed till 13:00. I’m going back to Israel tomorrow for a short visit, and I’d have to wake up at 7am to do … Continue reading

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Taiwan Day 20

I’m Finally Synchronized with my blog! The weather was so nice, I skipped work and went to the Taipei Topview Observatory on the 50-somethingth floor on the Shin Kong insurance building, I got there just before sunset, and took WAY … Continue reading

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A Watched Pot Never Boils

I just think this is funny because it’s true. Oded.

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