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Star trek vs the simpsons themes

Link via WWdN

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Don’t Download This Song So I pre-ordered the new album by Weird Al, and the Weird Al show DVD. So In about a month I invite you all to come over and listen to it. For now, go download “Don’t download this song”.

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Mario Brothers played in Accordion

For anyone who already knows me, knows why this YouTube video of Mario bros. played on the accordion means a lot to me. Can’t belive I found it.

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fucking stupid idiot arab hacker from turkey

You know what? this just steps the line. Usualy i’m ok with hackers, being one myself. Breaking into a bank stealing money, or snooping at the pentagon ? now that’s ok. Enterring somebody’s site and putting in a small massage … Continue reading

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funny coke GTA commercial Thanks again, Kim.

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game over movie Thanks, Kim.

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Pizzaz !

Last post about Pizzas reminded me of Strong bad email : [Link] But yesterday I bumped into I want to have sex with Carmen Sandiego which is a nice read for you old computer gamers. Dana, stay away from these … Continue reading


1000 pizza’s for google

A video of how Google people got about 1000 pizzas

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Re: Trip to poland : Day 1

So. There’s one thing i never wish to anyone of you My day today. First, an interrupted sleep cycle by your ringing girlfriend’s phone, about an hour after you went to bed, tossing and turning for an hour, and finally … Continue reading

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More on WoW addictiveness

Just to keep Amnon out of his Hedva studies, here’s come my results for WoW addictiveness test I took: Everything there is true but one thing: I’M HORDE YOU NUBS! FUCK THE ALLIANCE ! Totally addicted You are 78% Addicted! … Continue reading