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Issues with the WoW tyra banks clip

Watch and read part 2: 1. Tyra banks (or Tyra banks’es researchers) are stupid. She asks this girl who’s boyfriend is a WoW addict : “he’s doing this with a video game . something that’s just a computer. it’s not … Continue reading


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Its funny because it’s true

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Blog, Exanet.

So I had a meeting with Gemini funds, a VC that sits in the same building as Exanet. I arrived earlier and had 15 minutes to spare, so i dropped by in Exanet on the way. I was greeted with … Continue reading

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yet another hack

And this time, someone managed to login as myself, change the password, and delete the last 5 posts. for you RSS readers, you got the last 5 again becuase of that dimwit. *sigh*

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ctrl + alt + chicken is a cooking show by non chefs. In the first episode i just watched they teach you how to NOW cook a coron blue chicken It’s nice and funny. Enjoy. I’m goona watch ep2. Thanks Jeff

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Memory is aweful

I don’t get my neural network some times. Yesterday, talking to Ami Ben Bassat he pointed me to his blog becuase he linked there to Feng-Gui (awesome name) which analyzes your website and gives you a heat map of where’s … Continue reading

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Floating stufff !

My … geek… Sense… tingeling….

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Computer stuff

gaming consoles as street girls Thanks, Astrid. This comic is something I need for next time i teach perl, if there will be one. Is it bad for a Mac hater to want an iPhone ? Don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading

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Cool Email correspondence

Itzik Ben Bassat wrote: Hi Oded, I love Zbeng since the “Maariv Lanohar” days…! I’ll be happy to talk with you but this is actually bad timing as I am extremely busy with the launch of World of Warcraft: The … Continue reading