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The Secret of Monkey Island

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Star Trek TNGepisode huide song

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steampunk ghostbuster

from this website Whom shalt thou call? Professor Cornelius Venkkman, Ectoplasm Exterminator & Son! As seen at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend. I met this guy at Comic con…


Some Links

I’m posting some links here for prosperity. I have about 300 open firefox tabs i need to close, and i don’t get to reading, or looking at those links. So maybe if i post them here, you’d read them, look … Continue reading

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Geekcon Poke@Pulver 2000 ™

So me, Hagai, Raz, and Ziv built a Rube goldberg machine that pokes Jeff Pulver during Geekcon. Here’s some videos I also made Creme Brulee and launced some fireworks

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Facebook, geekcon, flickr

So my blog was a bit neglected. My facebook addiction causes me to communicate on a wider base and more effective way than I do with my blog. If you don’t have a facebook account, GET ONE. Still, I am … Continue reading

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