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how much is inside

A nice site to take a look at is How Much Is Inside I initalli got there… welll… i don’t remember. I liked the “How much is inside a Printer Cratridge” They really found a good use for pr0n. Take … Continue reading

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Drawn together: The first animated reality show !

Check out Drawn Together “Set Your Browsers to download” Oded

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Who are YOU ?

Just so you’d know, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING ! Actually i don’t know if big borther cares enough to watch you. but I DO. Every click on this page is being logged. and i mean EVERY click. For instance, if … Continue reading

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Enterprise Season 4 !

I know non of you cares, but : Enterprise Season 4 trailers: Enterprise Season 4 Trailer Enterprise Season 4 Trailer, With Brent Spiner I actually don’t know why i bother to put this here. Non of you are trekkies, nor … Continue reading


Words of wisdom

There’s only one thing worst then eating an over coocked, slightly burnt Schnizel : eating a half cooked not ready yet Schnizel

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Cooking for Engineers

Browsing through Ron Gilbert’s Site i stumbles upons a cooking site: Cooking for engineers. I started laughing out loud when i saw the layer diagram on the lasagna : Ron Gilbert is also a futurama fan ! YAY ! … Continue reading

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Star wars comic referance

Sinfest had this referance to starwars which i liked:

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Computer panic !

I strayed from my “Don’t panic” phylosophy yesterday when i get woken up with Lee’s screaming : ODED ! There’s smoke coming out of your computer ! At the beggining i thought the worse has happend and that my computer … Continue reading

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Back in business.

hey. For those who’ve been wondering and didn’t get my email, My site got hacked ! I’m so proud, someone thought my site was important enough to hack to, even if he was an Anti-israeli Arab, and bother to mention … Continue reading

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Problem solved.

The company i worked for solved the conflict i had with myself reagrding my job there. The company was making sound software plug-ins, which was very nice and all, part for the fact that i didn’t have anything that was … Continue reading

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