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another item to my shopping list.

The Juice Bag is a beach tote with an integrated solar panel that will charge your phone, camera, laptop and MP3 player while you manufacture vitamin D. link

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dead sunflowers.

Trying not getting to symbolic in this post. The sunflowers are dead. I neglected to water my plants for a few days, and it was very hot. So now they are dead. I got ‘the symbolic sunflowers seeds of success” … Continue reading

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high tech bubble !

Fellows ! The High tech bubble is back ! And i have a proofs ! There’s a strict correlation between the number of stupid small gifts companies give potential employees (future slaves) at the job fair in TAU that happens … Continue reading

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Wow ! This was one of the most dramatic live “news” events I’ve heard in a while ! while looking for a video for Ami’s blog I decided to watch and hear NASA TV for a while. After about 5 … Continue reading

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10 minute cooking school

Robert rodriguez is a drama and comedy genius. I’ll make those two dishes in the near future.

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Global Nerdy

A nice new (to me) blog called Global Nerdy featured this song Love Two Point Oh Global nerdy is written by Joey Devilla, The Accordion Guy

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One day Gadget. One day !

I still haven’t formed my band. But i wil. and when i do, it might sound like this:

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Fanboy Heaven

Fanboy Heaven

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No smoking

On 31.5 was the international no smoking day. There was suppose to be a non smoking party to raise the awareness of smoking dangers, at Haoman 17, a dance club known for it’s smoke. I came in late, and making … Continue reading

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