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regular programming

The SoundGuy’s blog will resume it’s notmal posts shortly, after the wedding hype has calm down.

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Big Wedding Announcement

So. It

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Big announcement coming up

Big announcement coming up (for you uninformed readers). Stay Tuned

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sex and romance

from here through boing boing. These 3 short movies promoting aids awareness demostrate a point of mine which is said in context of Zbang. Sex, Romance, Love, Cel shaded, and sims-like compuer games mix well. I even liked the gay … Continue reading


Cover versions

I love cover and re-make versions when they aren’t done just to replace the original, or remix the original, but done to complement them and create a brand new musical experience that supresses it’s original. While searching for that new … Continue reading

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Ron Gilbert is back in the game

There’s a LOT of buzz, hype, and posts going on about a new Penny Arcade adventrue game involving Rob Gilbert as consulting game designer. i’m VERY excited about seeing it ! Here is a link ro the article about it.

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druck sketch

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topics for discussion

Yes, no blog posting since i was VERY BUSY lately. A weekend is a good time to give you out some YouTubes videos, and tell you what’s going on. I’ve done the first just now. I urge you to read … Continue reading

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Weeeeee !!

Look at this guy FLLLllllyyyyyy !!!!!!111oneone

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