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IGDA meeting

I went to the IGDA meeting yesterday, and Lee tagged along. IGDA is the “International Game Developer Association”, and here we’re the Israeli Chapter. They have a meeting every once in a while, few months usually. I’ve been to a … Continue reading

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There’s a new social networking site called orkut which i like, rather then a few other social network sites, beucase it’ simplistic. And it’s powered with Google engine. I want to add as much as friends as i can there … Continue reading

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Ramon’s Answer to everything

Ramon, tried, and succeeded in answering each and every question in the IDF’s psychological evaluation test with : “A Little Black Sheep”. Good luck, Ramon !

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I was feeling rather worthless yesterday. I don’t know the reason for why i was feeling this way, but what i feeling was a deep sensation of “what’s the point?”. I’ll try to summerize. Anything i can do, or make, … Continue reading

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Pool Party

Hey I hope all of you enjoyed the Pool Party, i ment, all of you who attended. For those who didn’t, here’s some pictures to show you how it really was ! Here it is p.s. I don’t know why, … Continue reading

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not really blogging lately

I haven’t been blogging all to much lately. I don’t have too many new things to write about. Nothing new at work, other then we move to the triangular tower instead of the circular one. Still working hard on my … Continue reading

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Monkey Madness !

Apparantly, Ron Gilbert, creator of Monkey Island (and many other good games) have a blog of his own : The Grumpy gamer A few interesting links from his page are Wil, and there’s a very good Monkey Island Comic … Continue reading

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Honest People

One of the models i’ve been buying a lot of recently in E-Bay havn’t arrived, and it’s been 3 months already. I’ve contacted the guy who sent it to me, and after two weeks of discussion, he offered to refund … Continue reading

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POOL PARTY 2004 !!!!!

Hey everybody ! It’s this time of the year again !!! Yeah !!! It’s time to eat, drink, swim, get burnt in the sun, and meet all those friend of mine you haven’t met in years, and some new friends … Continue reading

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Worries !

I often tend to worry about all sort of stuff. This time it’s diffrent. When health is involved my worries are worst. Lee doesn’t feel so good lately. She’s been complaining about head aches and stomach trouble. She went to … Continue reading

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