my 2008 big break

2008 is the year I’m finally getting my big break.

Ever since I was young I knew what I always wanted to do when grow up, and that’s to entertain. I wanted to make comedy.
I want to bring joy into peoples lives.
I wanted make people laugh.

Make them laugh, but not the cheesy stupid kind of comedy, I want to make smart, intelligent, serious kind of comedy. The kind where you have to think a bit to get the joke and the kind that leaves you thinking afterwards.
I want to make TV, movies and computer games, as I especially find these three forms of art the most engaging experience that can connect to the deepest human emotions in an audience.
I dream of becoming a great director and producer, and to make the best entertainment products around, something I could be proud of, something other people would enjoy very much.

And it’s why I’ve been emotional these past few days.

I’ve seen a several beautiful works of art this weekend. First there was Disney’s Enchanted. It’s a very polished and cute Disney tale with some stuff that’s lacking in Hollywood movies in recent years, like beautiful hand drawn 2D animation, amazing musical score and soundtrack (made by the same guy who did the music for all the good’ol Disney classics like Little Mermaid).
Then there’s Amy Adams who plays Princess Gizel. She’s amazing. She’s gorgeous and all so talented. She’s a great actress, and gifted singer, and this movie wouldn’t be so wonderful without her.
I was so infatuated by her screen presence I had to revisit her in her guest starring role in The Office.
Now the Office, that’s the one of the kinds of comedy I like. It’s funny, and intelligent, and romantic, and deep and sad at the same time. It’s shows like The Office that makes me think about life. The romance story there is the best screen romance I’ve seen on television in years. So after watching parts of old Office episodes I went to on to see Extras S2 Christmas special.
Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant (creators of Extras and The Office) are true geniuses. I cannot understand how they can make me laugh and cry at the same time. The Extras Christmas special left me in an emotional storm about my life, my dreams, my desires and my future like I’ve haven’t been to in a while.
I am faces with so many questions, some I can guess an answer for.
Would I make a difference ? Will I ever make big budgeted works of art like Enchanted, Extras, The Office?
Am I actually looking for fame and fortune ?
Will I ever get to meet and work with famous and talented people like Ricky Gervais, or Stephen Merchant, or Amy Adams, or Kristen Bell or Alan Menken or Ron Gilbert (who posted the number 3 with the word Trois in his blog today).

Then I get an email from my musician, Hilit Rosental, which contains a new opening theme to “Pizza Morgana“, the game I’ve been laboring over for a few months now. I hear it over and over again, and each time I get chills and filled with goosebumps. It’s brilliant, It’s better than I would have imagined it.
I’m listening to it and looking in the beautiful background art Uri Fink and Vladik Sandler created for my game, and reading the wonderful words Oded Saar wrote for it and Lior Nesichi programmed into it and the 2D interface Yael Hakshurian is making for it, and the 3D characters Ilan Weintrob modeled into it, and the voice samples Yotam Rosenfeld is collecting auditions for.

I look at it, I listen to it, and my imagination if filled with images, with stories, with pictures, with dreams.

I’m going to work on the game until literally too tired to stay awake any longer, because it’s my passion, and it’s my dream, and I am blessed to be working with this group of talented and passionate individuals.

And for Jeff, Thanks for helping me make this dream come true, I don’t think this qualifies as a “bucket list”, because one item can’t fill a whole bucket, although it’s a pretty big one.

And of course, thanks for Lee, for which without her I couldn’t do anything I do.

George Lucas said two things I keep (mis)quoting.
First, he said: When you’re choosing your next project (movie), it must be something you absolutely love doing, because you’ll be doing for a long while.
He also said, Movies aren’t released. They escape.

Pizza Morgana, which is something i love doing, will escape this year, and the one thing I’m fairly sure of – 2008 is the year I’m finally getting my big break in the entertainment industry.

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