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Honk if you know this guy

Ever had that thing when you’re riding you bicycle minding your own business and some car whooshes by and honks you, and you see a blurry image of two guys waving at you in the car that you can’r recognize … Continue reading

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Airport security

for anyone who agrees with me that airport security has became absurd try : Aiport Security

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The Exchange Student

To Dimitris and the rest of The Exchange Student team : KUDOS ! I can honestly say the last 47 minutes that it took to finish the game from the end of the trial to the cliffhanger for me were … Continue reading

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l33t h4x0r

First, Newest Weird Al Song: White and nerdy A song, about… mmm…. Me, basically. Now, here’s a question for you readers: I wore my L33T H4X0R t-shirt today, and many people keep asking me what it means. I need to … Continue reading

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genius quote

about movies made from games: if you make a game, someone often comes and say: “Hey ! That’s a great game ! Let’s make a movie out of that game !” well.. it’s already a game, and its fine as … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Barnabas

Hagai had his 26th birthday today. We came, we ate, we drank. Fun was had. Here’s a Sinfest comic strip dedicated for you. may you find many ladies to lighten your days. But not with a lighter. Smoking is a … Continue reading

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Don’t press the big red button

Save your self, and don’t press the big red button

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Talk like a pirate day !

Yarrr maties ! Lest ye be forgettin, tharrrr day today be pirate talk’n day ! All ye landlubbers better go and see Arrrrrr.

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chiana blue or gray ?

so everyone is staring at the screen while i post this: we had an argument, wheather Chiana from farscape is blue or gray. next they decided to argue is gray is gray or grey. then they laughed. apprantly the argument … Continue reading

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lunar eclipse

today’s astropic featured a very nice composition of a picture taken at Friday’s partial lunar eclipse.. From Israel the eclipse made the moon look like a pita bread just before putting in the Falafel.

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