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wow and weird al

Two things i talk about a lot, are warcraft and wierd al. Here’s a conmibation of both: The Hardware Store I have a test on Thursday on Macro economics but can seem to be able to concentrate enough to understand … Continue reading

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So, Daniel Bram sent me an exciting email : From: Daniel Bram Sunject: I just saw “SPAMALOT” on Broadway It’s awesome! They even have crazy merchandise like killer rabbit hand puppets, cow catapults, and coconuts with instructions… Here’s my response: … Continue reading

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Eggs Benedict

I had a craving for Eggs Benedicts. The only place i’ve ate EB in Israel is in Dixie, and searching the net i found out that there’s also one in Brassarie I had a copy of Hair ot Zman tel-aviv … Continue reading

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Replies to Zbeng contest

I’ve heard a lot of bad comments about my Zbeng 3d model contest idea when i posted it on some animators forums. One of the emails I got was this: Dear Oded, This is the second most insulting job offer … Continue reading


Good news everyone !

Hey !

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Sea sick

Blaaah ! I got sea sick playing psychonauts ! Must me some rapid camera movements along with the console based confusing interface. And i mean, why aren’t I allows more then 5 save games ? I have like 60gb free … Continue reading

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Taking a break form WoW, breaking out new games

Ironic. A week after the article i wrote and linked to in Carnival of games, about World of warcraft addictiveness, I’ve have another breakdown with my guild. Once again i wasn’t invited in a gulid raid, and as a consequance … Continue reading

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Well.. altough i had plans to start watching Season 2 of this series tonight, that’s not what my post is about. I got lost in YouTube today. An innocent click on a link from GrumpyGamer lead me to 3 hours … Continue reading

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Yet another clip on NvP (Ninjas vs. Pirates): In YouTube And while you’re there you can watch a video about games that corrupts our youth.

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Carnival of gamers !

Last month the Carnival of games took place at Kim’s Blog. I submitted my post about WoW addictiveness a few hours too late, and I got a reply that it would be sent to next month’s editor. so imagine my … Continue reading

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