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I’m utterly swamped. I have TOO much i need to accomplish, and SO LITTLE time to do it. on my way home, i began with a list of at least 13 things i’d like done by the end of today. … Continue reading

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Who are your friends ?

Who are your friend ? Who can you say is a true friend, and who can’t you ? I have two “so called” friends who really offended me. Not by doing something, but by lying and manipulating me to think … Continue reading

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Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge

You know what ? NO ! No hinting, no nudging. You’ve got about a week and a half left till my birthday. I don’t really beilve in buying presents for a person just because it’s his or her birthday. I … Continue reading

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Jedi Costume

This is my Purim Costume: Happy Purim everybody!!!! And many thanks to my lovely Lee who stayed up till 3am the night before my company’s purim party to make me this wonderful costume !!!

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Some more cool things

How about buy this to your dog ? And here‘s an amature movie about “The Scene” — the providers of internet movie rips.

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Hulks blog

did you know The Hulk has his own blog ?

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A collection of interesting links

A Bluetooth rifle scope Nice Idea… Don’t remember if i’ve already posted this link to “the credit card hoax but here it is (again?). And Part two of the credit card hoax

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W0w !! OMG OMGOMG !!!!!!!!1 W00T !!!!!

the l33t captioned Star wars EP III trailer R0X0rs !!!! l4t3rz !

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I was sick all through the weekend, and thought it ended by sunday. I even ment to go to work today, but i woke up when Lee’s alarm clock went off at 5:30 am with a one of the most … Continue reading

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ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH !!!!! I come to listen to some music today at work, only to find out that one of the tech support DELETED ALL THE PERSONAL MUSIC FROM THE FILE SERVER !!! Obviously, he left his music, and his 40gig … Continue reading

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