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missing a category

damn. I think i was hacked again. I’m missing a blog topic category “general” ! Blah ! in any case here’s a funny picture: yummy.

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super lego brothers

Mario Bros. LegoUploaded by Bibi-de-Bibopof


html tags, tattoed.

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Trapped in the drive thru

Trapped In The Drive-ThruAdd to My Profile | More Videos OMG ! look at the car they drive !

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Assortment of links

Well, I have a whole bunch of open windows I want to close and some of the are blog worthy links. Collection of cat pics Office supply enterprise model with seperating saucer section An actual walking AT-ST Back to the … Continue reading

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back from GDC and the US

well, i’m back, and jet lagged. (a few MMO jokes about lag comes to mind). In overall GDC and the trip was a great success. First, i had TONS of fun. It was a vacation I much needed. Zbang amounted … Continue reading

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