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Living in an apartment building

This just says it all:

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Penny Arcade’s KOTOR 2 comic

A nice comic made me really want to play KOTOR2. go to Penny Arcade and read it. Why does it only come in 4 to 5 months ??? WHY ?

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Day out with the chookit

I went to the employemnt office again today. My unemployment period will end next week, so i still have to come this week and the next. Today was a dry day (non-rainy) so Lee decided to join me on a … Continue reading

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It’s thursday night. I didn’t do anything interesting today. I watched some old stuff, some TV shows, and an old movie from my DVD collection, “Muppets from space”. Then i fell asleep for an hour, and woke up when Lee … Continue reading

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Smoking and betreyal.

I feel tremendously betrayed. Utterly, and completly betrayed. For anyone who DON’T know. The one thing i hate most about this world is smoking. It the most disgusting, vile, revolting, sickening thing that can ever human beings created. I don’t … Continue reading

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Nonsense time.

S to the C, R, O double L, My name is not normal but still i rock well. It took Amnon 2 (TWO) weeks to find out where this quote is from. I don’t think you can find where it’s … Continue reading

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I took the GMAT test i’ve been studying for, for the past month. My score wasn’t a lot higher then it was before i started studying. (i took a practice test before starting). on top of that, i am missing … Continue reading

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In Memoriam.

I got this sad note from Amnon: “Pita fell off the balcony during the weekend. She’s gone.” I wanted to say a eulogy, but i’ll keep it short, Goodbye, Pita. You’ll be missed. Especially by your brother, Schnizel.

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Alice ? Who the fuck is Alice ?

Lee’s BLOG got published in the Technion’s Student Union website main page! She’s been getting TONS of hits, which mean the poor machine that carries MY blog suffers a sudden load and therefor poor performance. Next, she’s been getting comments … Continue reading

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wow: This is just one hell of a thing: The Picture Of Everything I’ve been staring at it for over an hour now. IT HAS EVERTYHING !!!

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