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Teaser for tommorow’s post

Yes. It’s Lee and William Shatner. I woke up at 6:15 AM to drive all the way to a press conferance in Jerusalem to take it, so i’m dead tired today and can bearly think straight… I’ll write all about … Continue reading

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guinea pig

Once again i’m playing with my website and using to test new internet stuffs.. This time its a web tracker run by an Israeli start-up that belongs to somebody i met in a group in my MBA studies. So … Continue reading

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La Freja

Finally ! After 5 years searching for this song ! I bring you : Perla Malcus – La Freja Hear it to the end, and don’t say I didn’t warn you about the extreme laughter you’ll experience..

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Taam Hair

For the first time i can admist that this year, Taam Hair (no. 11), was less good the it was ever before. The main reason for that is the lack of Kimel’s lamb kebob in honey and ginger, which i … Continue reading

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Personal assistant

Say you were a famous person, and and internet persona. Like Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert who writes a lot about Israel in his blog. Now, lets say you get few hundreds or thousands of email and blog comments, and … Continue reading

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Why World of Warcraft Is addictive.

Ok, this essay is my view on why World of Warcraft (WoW) is addictive. First, lets split the case to pre level 60 and post level 60. These are almost two different games, and I didn’t believe it before I … Continue reading


Trailer vs. game

I don’t know if this is another case of game trailer that doesn’t depict the game. but the trailer for Heavy Rain Is something very awesome as by itself. Watch it and then keep reading (spoilers). Althogh there’s something mechanical … Continue reading

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Live Mario

Dana, don’t miss seeing this Live Mario Video I know it’s a computer game, but it’s still awesome ! and if you’ve missed the fireworks this week, here’s the link : Keshet Tv’s new article about the fireworks

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Meeting with the US Ambassador to Israel

By popular demans (Ori B.’s request) I’ll tell the tale of my meeting with the U.S. Embassador to Israel, Richard H. Jones.. As an MBA student i’m invited to all sort of events and cocktail parties. This was one of … Continue reading

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Bad luck or Good luck ?

A few months ago I was interviewed by Rockstar Vienna about a possible position in their company in Austria. I’m not sure if it was good luck, or bad luck that I wasn’t employed by Rockstar Vienna. Today, The game … Continue reading

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