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What ? No new posts ?

Well. The last few times that i started a post with the words: “I’ve got nothing to write about” ended up with 3-4 pages long posts. I’m not gonig to do that. I don’t know why i havn’t posted in … Continue reading

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Old Hobby, New stuff.

I’ve recently restarted my model building hobby, mainly thanks to Lee, and the huge amount of free time i have, and will still have in the next few weeks. Part for the fact that the living rooms smells like terpentine … Continue reading

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Friend of the week: Amnon.

Amnon is one of my best friends. I’ve known Amnon since we were in elementary school together, and he’s the friend I have known the longest. Like myself, Amnon likes star trek, Monty python, and computers, so naturally we were … Continue reading

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Announcing : Friend of the week.

Hi. I’ve decided i want some constant topic to write about. So, unless I forget, or don’t feel like it, each week, starting today, i’m gonna write a post about one of my friends, and i’ll add it to the … Continue reading

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Drunk. I am. Not Enough. Last thursday, Dana Lee and I, decided to get drunk. A bottle of breezer made me somewhat happy, and i started with some random nonsense. A second bottle of Campari Mix a few hours later … Continue reading

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Hi all ! Shavuot is coming about in two week. Like sometimes, when there is a reason to celebrate, (and eat), we’ll be having party !! This year, we’re asking everybody to chip in and bring something. Please co-ordinate whatever … Continue reading

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Rose Is Rose

Rose is starting to write her own journal. Read about it Here.

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Student day

Student day was wonderfull ! I’ve met a lot of freinds and haged out all day, ate, got free promotional gifts, and had fun ! and most important, the fireworks were, as always in student days, spactacular!!! I’ve promised myself … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipses

EVERYBODY have pictures of the lunar eclipse from yesterday. Me too. Its in my gallery. You can use This Link I should, and will, take some of them and proccess with Photoshop and put on display. Enjoy.

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Long Post About Life.

I spent more then an hour writing a very long post straight out of my heart, pretty much summarizing all the troubles and problems I’m facing in life right now. I don’t really know who’s been reading my BLOG, And … Continue reading

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