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LSL: MSL – Conclusions

First here are to referances : Today’s Dork Tower – here and Al Lowe’s first impressions – here I’ve finished the game a few days ago, and didn’t urge to write up about it. It took a lot of “getting … Continue reading



Drank some coffee when i was out with Gaby. Too strong of a coffee So instead of going to sleep at my usual 5:30, it’s now 9:00 and i still can’t fall asleep even though i’m dead tired… *Sigh*

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Will power

I have an internal conflict. I really feel like i need a lot of relaxation time, I.E. Vacation. A TRUE vacation. One that you can forget about your problems, dilema’s, and other stuff that bothers you. However, my huge sense … Continue reading

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ARRRGGH !! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE ! Every day, at around 8:00 a guy comes to the next door’s neighbors’s apartment and starts banging with a hammer ! He been doing it once in a while in the last … Continue reading

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Firtst Impressions on LSL:MCL

Short intro : Leisure suit larry : Magna cum laude, is the next installment in the good old leisure suit larry series. Or is it ? Vivendi universal, bought out Sierra, the company that made the original good larry games. … Continue reading

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”Illegal” Private Copies perhaps to be Legal in Israel

I don’t read news. Almost never. But Here’s a link to an article in YNet. (My apologise to foriegn readers). The Knesset want to approve laws to make it legal to download, copy, and burn copyrighted material. The compensation to … Continue reading

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Plan failed. Now on to plan B !

Well.. Guess what ? I went to sleep at 22:00, waking up at 14:00 today (after being woken up for 2 phone calls in the middle). I have *yet another* job interview tommorow. I’m guessing i’ll have to gradually wake … Continue reading

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Parties, Biological clocks, new visitors, and my life order. (AKA: LONGEST POST

My biological clock is screwed up. Ever since i’m “Self Employed” or “Between jobs” as you might call it, i’ve been going to sleep a bit chaotically. I try to put some order into the chaos of my sleeping hours, … Continue reading

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LEE’s BLOG !!!

WOOHOOO !!! Lee made her OWN BLOG !!! Here’s the link: Good luck with yout BLOG Chookit ! I love you !

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Christopher Reeve

I don’t usually post stuff on my blog which are common knowledge, but i must say i was genuinly sorry to hear about Christopher Reeve’s death. I mean – the guy IS superman ? How can he die ? Do … Continue reading

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