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Hi. I’m Oded Sharon. I’m 41, i was born in 1977 in Tel-aviv, Israel and now live in Ramat Hasharon, Israel and I’m a game developer and a maker. I have two younger sisters and a brother.

My grandfather on my dad’s side was a textile machine “programmer” and My dad, who was an electrical engineer brought home my first computer when I was 6 years old.
By the age of 10 I coded my first text adventure game on my Apple ][

Since then I’ve accomplished many other stuff.


I’m a filmmaker and i produced, directed, and edited a show called Eich Laharos Shaa, a television program which was broadcast on the public access channel in Israeli cable.
I served in the Israeli Air Force, I started in Pilot’s training course, and then because a Cobra AH-1S electric technicial.
I’m one of the founding members of Starbase 972, the Israeli Star Trek Fan Club and was a voluntary organizer of the  Icon (Israeli Sci-fi Convention) and Olamot, Israeli sci-fi conventions where I helped bring in many celebrity guest actors to Israel,  like Claudia Christian, Dean Haglund, Chase Masterson, David Nykl and John De Lance.

Other than a game developer I’m a Geek, Maker, Hacker, Techie, Burner )'(, Licensed Pyrotechnics operator, Ham Radio, Private Pilot, Filmmaker, stills and 3D photographer, entrepreneur, foodie with a passion for molecular gastronomy, theoretical musician, Accordion, Harmonica and keyboards . I Loves sitcoms and romcos.

I am the CEO of both Adventure Mob and Corbomite Games.

I gave a few talks at various game developer conferences throughout the years, and ran some conferences myself.

I was   involved in several crowdfunding campaigns including Kickstarters for Leisure Suit Larry and Bolt Riley , and Indiegogo for Herbet’s quest and a personal Patreon page.

Check out my Patreon page:



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