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I had a good day today.

Instead of going to work today, I went to the Fan.con convention, which was very fun. Met some old aquantances, saw some good episodes, movies, and clips. And Laughed. A lot. I needed a reminder of how Trekkie I am. … Continue reading

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Don’t Know Why, but :

I’ve sent this to Wil Wheaton Happy birthday Wil ! Starbase972 (Israeli Star Trek Fan Club) has decided to celebrate your birthday with a convention ! The convention is called Fan.Con and is all about fans, Trek-fans and other sci-fi/fantasy … Continue reading

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Revenge Of The Sith !!!!!!!

THIS IS IT GUYS ! EPISODE III The Revenge Of The Sith I Can’t wait a whole more year until it comes ! I’m starting a line next to the theater. anyone joining me ? Link From


In case you didn’t see it.

Hokay. I think there are a few of you who havn’t seen this. So, There you go: The End Of The World.

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Daily rose dedication

Apparantly, Rose is Rose, is going to give me a new strip each day which i can dedicate to someone.



Rose suprises me again. Yesterday we were seeing “Ella Enchanted” yesterday. Which is , BTW, a nice comical, enchanted fairy tale story, with modern similies embedded into it. Today, this came up in Rose is rose: this is dedicated … Continue reading

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Dear readers, I’m dissapointed. Disaapointed that nobody would even try and guess what the hell is “PROGNOSIS NEGATIVE”. I’m sure nobody even bothered to type “PROGNOSIS NEGATIVE” into Google ! SHAME ON YOU.



Today’s strip of comic addiction is dedicated to my friend, Deviant Barinwave: From Rose is Rose:


New comic to read, CTRL-ALT-DEL

this one looks like another attidion to the huge amount of online comics i read. here you go:


Star Wars Galaxies

My internet addiction is relapsing. This time, in the form of Star Wars Galaxies : the much talked about MMORPG game. I’ll post a more detailed review, and some of my game play expereinces in the future as they develop. … Continue reading

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