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Funny because it’s true

From Penny Arcade:

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Al lowe sends this in his daily cyberjoke newsletter: a wonderful case of revenge by a DJ’s wife who sold Lotus on eBay after she heard him brag about cheating on her. Note the description on the item : I … Continue reading

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SW: Kotor 2 summery

Here are some of my views regarding Star Wars : Knight Of The Old Republic II If you remember a post from a year and a half ago about SW:KOTOR 1, I was debating if it was the best game … Continue reading

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Here’s a nice IRC quit quote that made me laugh: [01:06] * Memfis has quit IRC (QUIT: Memfis has disconnected from multiplayer notepad)

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I didn’t say it ! someone else did !

One of my online friends – Sam, wrote this in The Dig Museum: I would also like to remark that one of our Staff members, has been also linked at


My other site is a BMW

I’ve made a new post to my other site Check it out. And GOD DAMN ! donate some money already ! There’s only 6 months left !!!

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Bumpy road ahead

I though of putting up some “under construstion” sign. My web hosting PC is going to under go a few maintenence off cycles, to backup it’s entire content before it hard drive fails. Expect some more downtime.

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Busy Busy Busy

You’d still have to wait for those stories and pictures form London. I can’t seem to be able to get myself to only pick a few hundreds of pictures out of the thousands I took. Lee will do it with … Continue reading

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Back From London

I’m back from London, and i have so much stuff to say, but I also have a lot of stuff to do first. Plus i want to go over all the 4000 pictures i took and pick a few to … Continue reading

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