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To do lists

Oh, wow ! Things are going so crazy lately and I’m getting too confused from everything that’s going around. Many things happen all of a suddend, and all at once. ,and the up coming new year’s date change is part … Continue reading

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Live Leeroy

the original : Live Leeroy:


Who copies from who ? Microsoft or Apple ?

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Usage of units

My physicist friends will appraeciate this the most:

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Jeff Pulver – keeps amazing us

Jeff did a blog-tag in His blog one of the intereting things there is : 3. I had a walk-on role on two TV shows: Spin City and Law and Order. And you can look for me in a future … Continue reading

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Speaking of OriB

Happy 100,001 birthday Ori !! And better late then never, Happy birthday to Gil Biderman too.

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Glorious Lunch

This delicous hamburger is a self made 100% beef, red wine, and onions, double cheesburger was my lunch just now. Very simple to make, very positive outcome. I just wanted to share its glory with the world Deviant, OriB, Soledad, … Continue reading

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Windows swapping – What the fuck ?

Ok, can someone explain to me what is wrong with the Microsoft windows XP virtual memory algorithm team ? Now, i have 2GB ram that is TWO FUCKING GIGA BYTES of RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY. And on top of that i … Continue reading

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this week on ”the internets”

Here are a series of tubes: Scary Mary How to calculate Pi by throwing frozen hot dogs A building shaped like godzilla Build a D20 from Pecan Pies Ditch your cable tv provider (Something I did ages ago)

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The tree doesn’t fall far.

So, I stayed up awake all night and spent it baking a cake for my significant other to take to work. Yes. I’m becoming my mother. To be honest, I kind of like this whole “housewife” thing, Call me a … Continue reading

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