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I’ve watched another episode of LOST yesterday. This is what i have to say about it.

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BLahhh !! It’s very hard and annoying to try and crate a flash based game when you don’t know flash !! Any of you know flash good enough and can teach me ? or give me pointers ?

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Excitement !!

Guys, This is it. That crazy insane idea i had two nights ago, and i’ve finally done it. I’ve opened up a new website !!! “Buy A Car For Ron Gilbert” is a website dedicated to the sole purpose … Continue reading

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I have a huge headache. I was forced again to go to Lee’s parents for another one of those annoying family dinners. I can’t say i care much for most of her family. Her father is an angry person who … Continue reading

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Cant Sleep

Lee went to bed early, as usual during weekdays. I stayed up watching Lost episode 3. I rather enjoy this show, it’s in HDTV + AC3 sound so its quality is great, and it sometimes makes me feel like i’m … Continue reading

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On death and google

I sometimes look up my name in google. But now, when that other Oded Sharon got killed i no longer find myself in the first page of the search ! So many hit on govermental sites and irrelevant news sites … Continue reading

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Decision making time.

Yes, that’s right folks, you’ve all guess it… because here it is !! DESCISION MAKING TIME !!!Again. Woohooo !! Soon you won’t be hearing anymore complains about me being jobless, but instead you’ll be hearing compains about a NEW JOB … Continue reading

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I hate doing the dishes. Hate it. Very much. I so much hate it i was willing to spend a lot of money on a dish washer, but it doesn’t fit in our kitchen (ARGH !!!) I hope Lee never … Continue reading

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”I’m not dead yet”

Apparantly, i died yesterday. However, inspecting the evidence further more, someone else with my name actually died: Article in Ynet I know of the existance of at least 4 other “Oded Sharon”‘s, two from Haifa. I don’t belive i knew … Continue reading

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Lee is getting better and yesterday she returned home. Some friends already came by, and we not have a few new flower pots out the window.

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