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Tripping Israel with Roger Nygard

The day after Icon we managed to get some sleep, and then I went to visit my grandmother while Lee stayed at home resting some more. I got a call from Alon Peer inviting us to join a dinner with … Continue reading

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Mazal tov Barbabas for your new Blog ! It only has 1 post but it has a nice “story so far” story. Barnabas also wrote this article in moviepoopshoot .com. And I finally get to read something positive about one … Continue reading


Icon 2005

Day 1: Hello and welcome to Icon 2005, story in pictures. Icon this year started with a half day, on the evening of the first Sukot holiday. My uncle, visiting from the US, was here and we went to my … Continue reading

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Jesus is Magic

If you havn’t guessed, Sarah Silverman is Jewish. Her new film Jesus is magic got a subtitle from an imdb saying : Holy cows makes the best hamburgers.

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All your base are belong to Behomian Raphsody

Laughing am still of this All you base are belong to us raphsody. The All your base opening original is to here be watched. Video 1 or 2 you click. Fun keep having !


More absence

Today we have dinner with Roger Nygard, director of Trekkies (1&2), and tommorow we’re taking him to Mezada, along with Mike The Man and Barnabas (you should really set up a blog Barnabas) and a few others.. I only found … Continue reading

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Wow !! 3 days of absence from my computer means I have too much stuff to do today. for example, a LONG post about icon. I’m reading emails, and my daily homepages, and all the sites with RSS feeds. two … Continue reading

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Day 2 of Icon

Day 2 of Icon has been a tremendous emotional rollercoaster. I’ll put all the pictures in a nice gallery format, but in the mean time, i’ll upload raw images here. Rob Barnett is the trekkiest person i’ve ever met ! … Continue reading

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short post

Wow.. Day 2 of Icon began already, but I just woke up now. We saw Serenity, and drank beer with Robert Burnett, who directed Free enterprise. Lee woke up early and walked him from his hotel to the convention. He’s … Continue reading

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A bunch of old computers

Anyone wants to buy A Bunch Of Old Computers ?

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