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Back Home

Hey ! I’m back ! If my number is stored in your phone’s memory, you can pick it up and call me. I’ll post my “another day in hong kong” story once i’m done with unpacking and with Sidurim. See … Continue reading

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See You Very Soon !

Bob’s Parents are taking me tommorow morning to the airport, where i’ll fly to Hong Hong, spend a few hours and head back to the Holy Land, Eretz Israel, Home. This is my final post from Taiwan for now, and … Continue reading

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Peking Duck.

I went to the dinner in my honor with Bob’s family and many of Sanctum’s guys. The dinner was in a Peking style resteraunt, and included many dishes which were new, and it’s highlight was the “Peking Duck” which was … Continue reading

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Shopping Dissapointments.

I was planning on going to Sogo to buy this toy I saw there and wanted to buy a month, and then again two weeks ago. I saved it’s purchase till today so i’d know i have room in my … Continue reading

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My email’s spam filter marks my monthly newsletter i get from Lucas’s as spam mail. the reasons are: 1. HTML_IMAGE_RATIO_14 BODY: HTML has a low ratio of text to image area Yes ! A lot of images in the … Continue reading

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I apparantly did something extremely rude without knowing it was. I was eating some Teppenyaki with Nelson and Sterling, and while drinking, i’ve left my chopsticks stuck in the rice bowl. Nelson and Sterling told me to stop doing that, … Continue reading

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Blog site changes

I’ve put up a new survey, about the posts i make. so vote in ! I’ve also moved the “random photo” block upwards above the survey. What do you think ? Good? Not ? Give me your thoughs.

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Quiet final week

I had a pretty quiet week, I had a lot of thoughts about the future since, for now, this is my last week in Taiwan. I didn’t do any traveling or touring this week, and besides having a wonderful barbeque … Continue reading

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20/03/04, Sunday: Hong Kong 2.

We woke up, Again, Too early. 5am early. Again. To catch the bus shuttle to the airport at 6am to be there at 7am in time for my flight at 8am. Both me and Lee went to Hong Kong, she … Continue reading

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The Past week and a half, Part 2

16/3/04 Tuesday Nothing Unusual Happened. Lee spent the day in the office with me. I think. I don’t remember much about what happened that day, because of what happened the next day. I do remember we went eating Curry rice … Continue reading

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