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Don’t shoot the puppy

Of all the awesome stuff i saw in Boing Boing today, like LED fridge magnets or Piss-controlled urinal-based video games I decided to link the Don’t shoot the puppy game. If you move your mouse or touch your keyboards you … Continue reading


Amazing video !

Found this video while surfing.


The Producers

Yes. Indeed. Go see The Producers, the movie. It’s an exact reproduciton of the broadway play, and even slightly funnier. And make sure see the credits to the end, like I always do.

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Turkey on a whim

we decided to take a last minute deal and fly to Anatalya next week to see the full solar eclipse with Gil Biderman! expect many nice pictures.

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Geek Extreme

Dudes ! I bring you the next installment in my Star-trek / Weird al geekishness : The Klingon Accordion !

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Fucking Java !

A whlie ago, I learned Java. Sometimes, all the object oriented issues sometimes get too theoretical, and disconnected from the real world.. quoting The problem with most computer science texts is the examples aren’t interesting. Polymorphism isn’t really hard … Continue reading

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Wil Wheton dot net’s Creation Gram Slam 2006 coverage

frrom WWdn: I wandered around the con some more, talked to a lot of people, and managed to completely miss BIlly West’s talk, where I hear he announced that there will be new episodes of Futurama on FOX either later … Continue reading

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Here’s a nice lecture about piracy: It’s an hour long, but worth the watch. And a nice article about The Pirate bay which take a stand against the evil MPAA and the evil corporates behind them which keep making … Continue reading

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Interstate 60

We saw a movie called “Interstate 60” last night. Great movie about life, and choices. It’s been waiting for us to see for a few years now, but finally we got to see it, and it was worth the wait … Continue reading

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The 78th Academy Award Ceremony.

I can sum it in one word: Depressing. That was the most boring and depressing academy award show ever. I didn’t find any find worthwhile motion pictures nominated for almost no category ! Is comedy a dying art ? The … Continue reading

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