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Sion, who I havn’t seen in a few months, who since then had a baby girl by the name of Noa born wrote me an email wanting to know what’s going on with me. I decided to make a post … Continue reading

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Zend Certified Engineer

I have just passed Zend‘s PHP Certification and now I can put this logo in my CV and website:

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Israeli Game Conference

I’m exhausted. I’ve been to Beit Berl’s Game Conferance Today and yesterday. I’ve talked A LOT with A LOT of people. I’m really glad that the Israeli game developer community is growing up. Soon, there will even be jobs in … Continue reading

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Being a teacher at Interbit I get to take free courses here and there. I decided to learn Java. Consequentally, i’ve made this Pong Game. If you have a phone that you can upload Java files to, do me the … Continue reading

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Another game i’m waiting for: Nearly Departed Keep em coming !

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Blond jokes

Lee’s a blond. Thus, i give you The world’s best blond joke ever !

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It’s funny becuase it’s true

This song on google video made me laugh so very hard. Lee thinks that it’s sad. It’s all a matter of point of view.


Don’t Bother

Something’s off with the people on earth lately. At least the people I interact with. Everyone’s on edge. And more then usual. Don’t know why, don’t care why. Ron Gilbert (still worshiping him) had a link to a short flash … Continue reading

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