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OH MY GOD !!! Someone (AGAIN) voted the paradoxial answer in the new poll !!! THE WHOLE FABRIC OF SPACE TIME CONTIUM IS ABOUT TO FALL APART !!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES !!!

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Ebay – Weird Al Yancovik

My recent eBay addiction made me want to post this song’s lyrics. Enjoy ! Yeah A used … pink bathrobe A rare … mint snowglobe A Smurf … TV tray I bought on eBay My house … is filled with … Continue reading

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Poool Party !!!

It’s almost July ! Like every year around this, the Pool party is coming around. We havn’t decided anything yet regarding it, but we are trying to decided stuff up about how to make it better this year. For that … Continue reading

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It’s time for our periodically spontatic burst of trivia contest : Who went to see the movie “PROGNOSIS NEGATIVE !!” ?? What did he end up seeing instead ? Why ? If you can answer all these questions correctly, post … Continue reading

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I’m soooooo tired. with all the need-to-get-up-everyday-at-9am thing going on since I started working, and the extermination yesterday – which had me going up and down and up and down and up again with heavy boxes with all our dishes … Continue reading

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2 down, 800 billion to go !

On my way to work, i’ve spotted a second enemy corpse on the stairway. soon, they’ll all be dead and won’t bother me anymore !!

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NO MORE COCKROACHES !!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! We’ve called the exterminators today and they sprayed the house with POISON. now the cockroaches should DIE !!! DIE !!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! Although, it’s SO MUCH work taking all the food and dishes down … Continue reading

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Model making: Perfectionism.

No true model maker in the world can look at his complete model and say : Ahhhh… All of them, including myself, see all the flaws, glithces, bad paint job, bad gluing, etc.. A few days ago i bought a … Continue reading

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What’s you name ?

I don’t yet remember a lot of people’s names here at work. Since i’m relativly new, it’s not expected of me to remember ALL 50 names of all employees. But it’s embarrasing to ask someone his name, after you’ve been … Continue reading

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Dogbert reminded me of myself in today’s Dilbert:

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