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Science Fiction

A new science fiction show is on the air: Commander in chief “Plot Outline: MacKenzie Allen becomes the first woman American president… “ See ? Science fiction. We Israelies are better then you Americans ! Proof: Golda Meir. In fact … Continue reading

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Linked From Ron Gilbert‘s site : High end gaming machine in 98 and this is a nice presentation video about the night sky And last : A nice Stomp like flash animation

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Bug reports and air conditioning

The air conditioner here in the apartment stopped working. I’ve told my landlord on friday, and he said he’ll take care of it, but nothing happend so far. I’ll bug him again tommorow. It’s SO DAMN HOT in here, and … Continue reading

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Holy Crap 2 !

Ladies and Gentelmen, Without further delays, Here it is ! Holy Crap. Two. Good luck, And may the best man wins. Holy Crap ! P.S. I hope none of you have important things to accomplish in his near future, like … Continue reading

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Twirling Emotions

Idan’s Grandfather passed away this morning. He was relatively very young, only 68, and Idan is really sad. I havn’t seen him this sad in a long while… I went over to see him and be with him, and I … Continue reading

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People of the world ! Fix your computers !

If you can’t see the new flash header menu on top of the page, fix your browser. To quote Beverly Crusher : “If there’s nothing wrong with me, there must be something wrong with the universe !!!” On to another … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with you people ??

Are you blind, or is your flash plug in don’t work ? Or maybe you’re using some RSS reader that doesn’t have flash support built in ? Open this site with a flash enabled browser, NOTE THE DIFFRENCE from last … Continue reading

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what do YOU think ?

Well ? What do you think ? Honest answer please. Oded

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Article in Gamer

The article in gamer got published today. Read all about it, it’s in Hebrew though! And quoting one of the posts about funding adventure games in the forums in That problem aside, when you can’t guarantee the delivery of … Continue reading

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Claudia Schiffer ??

Claudia Schiffer ? That’s Claudia Schiffer in the new Mango campaign ? She looks 20 years old !! but she‘s actully 35 ! yes ! 35 ! She looks real nice . all young and pretty… Thank god for inventing … Continue reading

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