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SG-1 Parade

Gil Biderman who resides in Vancouver, Canada shot a few photos of the passing SG-1 podium in the parade they had this week. Check it out at His Blog

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Unexpected Promotion

OMG ! This was so unexpected : I left my old guild only two months ago, party because they refused to let me voice my opinion. In my new guild, bad taste I never asked for a promotion. I was … Continue reading

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Weird al Wiki page

Roie’s comment reminded me about the inaccuracies in Weird Al’s wikipedia page, so I refer you to read this old article I just remembered: I Must Take Issue With The Wikipedia Entry For ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

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New Weird Al video : Do I creep you out ?

Weird Al – Do I creep you out Mark this: I’m going to do all in my power to get Weird al to perform here. I know a lot of Israelies who’ll want to see the funniest Jewish singer in … Continue reading

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Working on The Office – Interview with Roger Nygard

I always liked

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I can’t find it pasft lvl 11

From Boing Boing: Find It! is an online puzzle where you are presented with a photo that has some element in it that changes gradually. You have to click the changing element before the green timer bar runs out. Anyone … Continue reading

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Robot royale with cheese

For those of you who don’t read Boing Boing daily:

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Wow meeting

About a month ago I met at Icon 2006 another person who plays on the same World of Warcraft sever as i do. There’s nothing better than finding out someone who plays on your sevrer ! There’s nothing worse than … Continue reading

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Link concentrate in a can.

So this week, in exchange to some currency (paid only a month of more later) I had to wake up WAY WAY early, and EVERY FREAKING DAY OF THE WEEK, and teach Perl programming to Comverse employees. Usualy it’s now … Continue reading


Short notice: Weird Al Show Screening

I might have not mentioned this to you on person, and it might be too short notice for most of you blog readers, but: a screening of : TONGIHT ! 22:00-ish Be there, and be square.

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