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Happy Birthday Zbang !

20 years ago today, “Zbang“, my favorite comics (and since recently – my job as well) was born. In the Aug 18th 1987 issue of Maariv Lanoar magazine, appeared the story about Gal who got sunburned while being to nervous … Continue reading

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Speaking of OriB

Happy 100,001 birthday Ori !! And better late then never, Happy birthday to Gil Biderman too.

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A picture for Deviant Brainwave

This was one of the Postcards for women post Over at Assaf Razons’s blog.

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Song For barnabas

I have a friend called Barnabas, He’s a nice guy and never an ass, His model friend smokes bongs, And on his blog he writes songs. We invited him to a party last night, Enjoy it, we though he might. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Barnabas

Hagai had his 26th birthday today. We came, we ate, we drank. Fun was had. Here’s a Sinfest comic strip dedicated for you. may you find many ladies to lighten your days. But not with a lighter. Smoking is a … Continue reading

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So, Daniel Bram sent me an exciting email : From: Daniel Bram Sunject: I just saw “SPAMALOT” on Broadway It’s awesome! They even have crazy merchandise like killer rabbit hand puppets, cow catapults, and coconuts with instructions… Here’s my response: … Continue reading

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Friends at work

For all you wanderers who search out my company’s name and by accident arrive here to my blog, I don’t know what you do here. I removed all public evidence of being connected to the comany out of fear of … Continue reading

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Friends, and their lack of

For 4 years, a bunch of friends would come over every friday night and watch enterprise with us. We’d tell everyone to come at 22:00, only about an hour or so before, and our apartment would be full of joyful … Continue reading

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Who are your friends ?

Who are your friend ? Who can you say is a true friend, and who can’t you ? I have two “so called” friends who really offended me. Not by doing something, but by lying and manipulating me to think … Continue reading

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Soledad’s going away for a year

My sister is going to London and USA for a year tommorow. I hope she has a lot of fun, and i’ll miss her greatly !! Maybe she’ll write stuff up in her blog BON VOYAGE !!!!

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