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belated birthday presents

Look how cute this KILLER BUNNY is ! in fact, get me all the set : Monty Python Spamalot Swag

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Party, chat

I woke up too early because I went out of sync with the universe. I had a lot of party planning thoughts on my mind and couldn’t continue to sleep. I forgot all of them by now, but i know … Continue reading

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Lecture tommorow

well, this went well. Today, I’m giving a lecture at the FIrst Israeli games conference it’s the so far most important lecture I’ve had to give, because it will have a lot off effect of my business success in the … Continue reading

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Oy vey ! start up founders are NOT performance artists. they aren’t very good stand up comedian. They don’t know to write script or pretend to be someone else. Rule number one of fiction writing, directing or acting : Maintain … Continue reading

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Joining a new cuase ! it’s absurd that after an anti-smoking video youTube sends you to see smoking videos. probably didn’t get the word ansi in hebrew.

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Deep and meaningful

Don’t let the fact the I’m turning 30 in 3 days fool you into thinking these two are something other than what they are.

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Gifts. You hear it every year in my blog. no one knows what to buy me for my 30th birthday. I don’t. I always buy gift derived from my personal knowledge of my friends. Buying a meaningless wrapped up gift … Continue reading

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