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IGDA israel chapter meeting

Just for those who don’t know and are still interested in computer games: The Israeli IGDA chapter is meeting again this Tuesday, Feb, 28th.

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A quote of Terry Gilliam

In an article about Terry Gilliam and his work, he is quoted saying the following: “If you’re going to pirate, though, make sure the quality’s good. Have some respect for what you’re pirating!” Words of wisdom. I said similar things … Continue reading

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TGS two years later.

I Slashdotted a blog post about TGS 206. Just watching the pictures and reading the first few words I was filled with memories and struck with a sense of nostalgia for what happend two years ago when I was in … Continue reading

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Hard Work, Big Announcements

After months of hard work in debating and negotiating, anger and frustration, on my behalf, Starbase972 and the management of Olamot have finally agreed to sign over a contract to bring over Claudia Christian, Babylon 5’s Ivanova to the passover … Continue reading

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The Producers, Hebrew edition.

We saw “The Producers”, the Hebrew show. Bottom line: It was crap. Go see the movie instead. I wasn’t disappointed from the show because my expectations were rock bottom. Everything i suspected will happen indeed happened. The 2 English versions … Continue reading

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Long ago I decided to use my blog as a platform to all kinda of geeky computer tests. Like those google ads and all the counters you see at the bottom. brrreeeport is another one of them. The goal is … Continue reading

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Real life

from Luann: “In real life, some people invent computers, others play World of Warcraft” I aspire to do both.



I don’t really care about sports. Apparantly there was (or are) some games going on the same day I study in. (i might have read something about in Barnabas’s blog) This comic from Penny Arcade puts it really nicely.



I’ve been arguing a lot with Starbase about bringin over a guest star from Babylon 5. A big one. We’ve been haggling with the contract for the Passover convention in April for over 2 months now. I’ve been going over … Continue reading

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