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Nothing to write home about.

Whenever i start a post with the words “I don’t have anythng interesting to write about” it ends up being a long 5-6 pages long and boring post. So, this time i’ll rethink what are the things i’m busy doing … Continue reading

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Geek alert : Enterprise theme song, and dancing.

Hagai who got married called to say hi today. He had an alterior motive in wanting to ask for my help in job finding. Being unemployed myself i have some experience in that area. Talking to him, I remembered i … Continue reading

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Pancakes !

Since i’m all screwy (in the biological clock sense of the word), and having slept 2 hours the day before, I ended up falling asleep at 21:00 yesterday. Which means, that i got up at 5:10, 20 minutes before Lee … Continue reading

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