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How does a light saber work

visit and don’t forget to read it through and see other possible uses for a light saber, other then light saber dueling ofcourse. Also, if you havn’t noticed, Amnon has commented yesterday: Dude… drop the one liners already! You … Continue reading

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The hulk (who has his own blog) wrote this: HULK HAS DISCOVERED THE BEST INTERNET WEBSITE EVER!!!! CLICK HERE TO SEE KITTENS FIGHT IT OUT AND CLICK ON YOUR FAVORITE KITTEN!” This means Hulk is never going to get any … Continue reading

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… …

can’t stop thinking about SW:EP III Every moment today when i don’t have something defined and specific on my mind, i drift to thinking about the movie.

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I just saw Star Wars Episode III. I’m overwhelmed and speachless.

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Dork tower on HHGTTG

Another take on The hitch hiker’s movie on Dork Tower

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Yediot article about Olamot 2005

Hey ! I appeared in the paper today! This article about Olamot 2005 tells about the convention, and has a picture of Me, Green Lee, the Darth vader guy. Both me and lee are in the background so it’s not … Continue reading

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The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

I’ve went to an early screening of THHGTTG. you can see some pictures of us, the crazy HHGTTG fans here: I’ll write up a review tommorow, when i’m not dead tired with a splitting head ache.

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