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Facebook, geekcon, flickr

So my blog was a bit neglected. My facebook addiction causes me to communicate on a wider base and more effective way than I do with my blog. If you don’t have a facebook account, GET ONE. Still, I am … Continue reading

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Married, moving.

Yay ! I’m now officially married to the most beautiful and geeky girl on earth ! Pictures and videos from our geeky wedding (the geekiest wedding in Israel) coming soon. Including star fleet uniform catering staff, firework show and grand … Continue reading

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Best License Plate. Ever.

and if you didn’t know, i drive a VW beetle too. via global nerdy

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Happy Birthday Zbang !

20 years ago today, “Zbang“, my favorite comics (and since recently – my job as well) was born. In the Aug 18th 1987 issue of Maariv Lanoar magazine, appeared the story about Gal who got sunburned while being to nervous … Continue reading

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Nice Acapella Clip

A bunch of guys made a going away present for their friend. Share it !

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help catch a thief – 2 days ago in Israel

never loose sight of your belongings ! Even if you’re clinically paranoid, it doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. Look at these people work : they are pro’s ! At 2:20 the thieves enter, at 3:00 they “help” bring another … Continue reading

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You can’t spell Slaughter without Laughter !


Hevenu Shalom Aliechem !

I have no idea what the context of the video is. but it’s … well… it’s… see it for yourself..


Code Monkey Anime Video

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The Sharks YouTube video

There you go : My 6 minutes of fame

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