Married, moving.

Yay !

I’m now officially married to the most beautiful and geeky girl on earth !

Pictures and videos from our geeky wedding (the geekiest wedding in Israel) coming soon.
Including star fleet uniform catering staff, firework show and grand entrance to the theme of star wars and friends holding light saber, light saber fights, huge NCC1701 model in the background, and more
Oh, and of course my Guybrush Threepwood wedding outfit.

We symbolically spend out first night as a married couple in the new apartment we’re renting. The internet there is only going to be installed on Sunday, and I kept being reminded of Captain Kirk at the beginning of Generations:

James T. Kirk: “You left port without a tractor beam?”
Captain Harriman: “It doesn’t arrive until Tuesday.”

Let’s have big Mazal Tov for us!

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