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If a tree falls in the forest…

Like i told idan : The reason of not writing recently is not because i don’t feel that nobody reads it, but that almost nobody comments, and those that do comment are usually the ones i tend to talk to … Continue reading

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To Do

I stiil need to write about : Friend Of The week for two weeks. My new workplace. My BTTF DeLorean Model. A Boat trip with Gidi, Rami, Ido, Lee and Libi. My opinion about “Day After Tommorow” Miscellanious topics that … Continue reading

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Blog-ish Chain Mail

I hate chain e-mail. I don’t like being told to send this thing to 10 people and i’ll get lucky, or don’t send this and terrible things will happen to you. I like it in it’s regular snail-mail form. When … Continue reading

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Taam Haiir

I’m a regular visitor to the annual Israeli food festival – Taam Haiir. This year, it’s the 9th festival, and my 8th attendance. I’ve been critisizing and complaning about it in the last 2 festivales, but i think something changed … Continue reading

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If you’ve just read the past article, don’t read the next at the same time. I don’t want the two subjects to mix in your head by accident in your sub conceinse. (Where’s that spell checkar when i need it … Continue reading

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Can’t Sleep Well.

A day before Shavuot, i was sitting on my computer late at night, when i felt something moving on my foot. It was a cockroach. YUCK ! I hate them ! They are my enemy. That one is long dead … Continue reading

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