I had a good day today.

Instead of going to work today, I went to the Fan.con convention, which was very fun.

Met some old aquantances, saw some good episodes, movies, and clips.
And Laughed. A lot.

I needed a reminder of how Trekkie I am. Especially with all that “Star Wars” in my life lately.

At the evening, we enjoyed a “double date” with Ori and Ayelet, at 24 Rupie, the small indian place on southern Tel-aviv.
Ahhh.. i like chepa indian food.

Now i’m off to start playing my newly bought Star Wars: Galaxies game.

More TODO’s in my life right now, include my AT-AT paper model, and my mini-Voyager (lit) model. and another bunch of trek models i bought on eBay lately and just arrived.

I also bought an airbrush on eBay this week. Lets see when it arrives.
Now i need a good compressor. And cheap.

Goodnight !

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