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You’ve Got Mail !!!

For those of you who don’t know, or didn’t read all the way through ALL my posts about computer games, one of them probably talked about “Leisure suit larry : Magna cum laude” – the next installment in the LSL … Continue reading



I Finally managed to brake loose from the insane asylum !!! MUWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH !!! Don’t belive me ? Here’s the proof:

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Home Star Runner

A great site i’ve recently been addicted to is Home Star Runner. It’s a funny Flash based cartoon with parodic nature. If you don’t know it, or havn’t been there in a while, give it a visit. I initially got … Continue reading

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Icon 2004

For those who don’t know, Icon 2004, The big annual sci-fi/fantasy/roleplaying/comics convention took place this week. I have a lot of mixed emotions regarding it. And also a lot to say in the subject, which i don’t feel like typing … Continue reading

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I think my computer is in need of some upgrading, Especially memory. I have 512MB ram and 660MB memory usage. Mozilla is somewhat to blame for it, It reaches 190MB of virtual memory, which i have no idea why. Plus, … Continue reading

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Doom 3

I don’t get all the fuss about Doom 3, I spent the last hour or a bit more playing it. The graphics all darkish and all, and the game itself might be a bit scary if you play it at … Continue reading

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