You’ve Got Mail !!!

For those of you who don’t know, or didn’t read all the way through ALL my posts about computer games, one of them probably talked about “Leisure suit larry : Magna cum laude” – the next installment in the LSL series.

A lot have been said about this game. I’ll summerize by saying that, all i know about it is hearsay, and i can’t confirm not deny anything until my own copy arrives, and i’ve played it from start till end…
What i’ve heard about it though, is that it was made FOR what used to be Sierra and now just a title name under Vivendi Univeral.
One thing that’s a bit off about the production of this game is that Al Lowe wan’t involved in making it.

I know at least two of you readers who don’t know who’s Al Lowe . Shame on you. Al Lowe is the guy who invented and made the 7 original Larry games. He’s the guy who’s responsible for this theme song !.

A few days ago, I decided it’s gonna be fun hearing what Al Lowe thinks about LSL:MCL. So i’ve email him.
I don’t have any problem emailing celebs about stuff…. I’ve email quiet a few without getting any responses from any of them, I didn’t expect too much from Wil Wheaton, and i expected something from Ron Gilbert. but what do you know…!

Al Lowe Actually replied my email !!!

here’s his reply:

From: Al Lowe
Subject: LSL:MCL

I actually bought a copy of the game last night. Subscribers to CyberJoke 3000

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