I’m angry. I feel rejected. Warcraft annoys me greatly. Rather, the people who play it annoy me.
Short explanations about WoW’s high level content.
When you’re playing you get XP from killing mobs or solving quests. I prefer to solve quests since i’m an adventure gamer at heart. most people who play warcraft don’t. They are those mindless games that prefer repeatedly grinding the same mobs over and ovre again to get XP.
Now there are two types of quests. Solo and Elite. You can do the Solo quests alone most of the time, but you got to have a group for the elite quests. More over there are several dungeons in the game where you have a bunch of uber-elite quests where you need a group of 5 people to do them.
This is where the annoyance comes.
Your quest log can hold up to 20 quests. That’s it.
The game itself have thousands fo quests available.

So to keep track of the quests i’m doing, not to forget any, i use this website called Thottbot. They have a database of everything in the game they could find. So i have a list of quests in order of their level. I’ve done almost all the quests under lvl 53.

Unfortnetaly, lvl53 hold about 10 quests in a dungeon called Black Rock Depths. (and some quest chains, which means you need to do a certain quest to get the next one) .
Now, back to the two kinds of people. At lvl60 you stop getting XP. So now people don’t get XP for doing quests. So instead they are farming for epic equipment.
Farming means repeatedly going to certain dungeons with 10 or more people groups and redoing it over and over and over and ovre again until you get that 1 piece of equipment you need for a set, or something better then what you have.
That’s not fun to me. I hate repeating content. I like questing.
So my problem is that i have about 18 dungeon quests in my 20 available quests slots in my quest log all stuck there because no one want to go to the BRD instance with me, cause they rather do the instances that don’t involve quests but give items.

And they do it repeatedly. Over and over again. Every day. go to this instance go to that instance.
All i want is a group of 5 people including me to go and do those BRD quests.
But nobody want to.
I stand there in the middle of town saying “looking for group to do BRD, looking for group to do BRD” and nobody cares. Nobody want to join.

This is very reflective of some social aspects of my life.
It’s like being a computer geek in a world where almost everybody else want to watch football when a big game is on.
only instead of computer and star trek, it’s quests, and instead of football it’s high lvl instance and epic equipemnt.
I’m even a geek withing the geek’s world.
Or perhaps it’s not me that’s the geek but the fact that many people who were on the gray area or were non geek now play computer games and warcraft so us geeks are again a small minority.
I need to find geeks to play with. This can’t go on.
I feel like i don’t have any friends in the game while other people there seem to have friends.
It’s pathetic.

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