Don’t Bother

Something’s off with the people on earth lately. At least the people I interact with.
Everyone’s on edge. And more then usual.
Don’t know why, don’t care why.

Ron Gilbert (still worshiping him) had a link to a short flash movie describing the MMO game experience.
I found it funny. 99% of you blog readers simply won’t understand it. Don’t bother.
No, and it’s no like that “don’t click this button” where you are expected to click it. I mean it, DON’T bother clicking it unless you HAVE PLAYED a few hours of an online game, which i know for a fact 99% of you never did.

LeChuck2k got pissed when he sent me a link to Samarost 2 and i called it “the crappiest game ever”. He got offended.
Which I honestly think it is. It crap. It’s has that Artsy-fartsy look and a infatile dumbness at the same time. Sorry for being so critical, but i’m just lacking something to like.
When i do find something i like, i post it here, but no one bothers clicking it, so they don’t know what i like.
Yes, I’ve linked Nick Bounty in: Case of the crabs here before.
I don’t see a reason to get offended if you send me something I don’t like. I’m entitled not to like some things as long as I DO like some other things.
AssafR just sends me a lot of stuff that there are better and worse things withing so that there’s enough good things in there to make it worth while.
For some reason, LeChuck2k, manages to send me tidbits of stuff I already known, which usually are really crap, and also get offended when I say so to him.
(i’m forseeing a long comment line on post).

At least Ctrl-alt-del and Least i could do cheer me up a bit, cause they remind me that new original creation that are made in current day can still be good and retain some measure of quality amongst the piles of crap hangin around lately. So it’s a fact that it’s not me who’ve grown up and only think stuff from “the good old days” are good. No. There are good original creations today.
Drowning in the pile of crap around them.

When we saw Narnia on Friday, Barnabas managed to get to the wrong cinema. For some reason, when he talked to Lee to ask her the time, he didn’t ask her for the place, bt only assumes it was in Cinema City. We saw it in Seven Stars mall. So he missed the beginning of the movie with his lady friend, who, thanks for her, I missed the beginning of the movie too, cause she insisted of keeping me on the line instead of letting me in the theater.

The people in AFKhaos, the guild i am in warcraft are also aggetated, to the degree of a lot of fights and arguments, some leaving it, and some even more extreme events.

Dilbert‘s Scott Adams had the funniest continuing week long comic strip yet when he broke the third wall barrier.

And Mazal tov for Deviant Brainwave for finally getting rid of her awful workplace !
I think it will only do her good.
In my opinion, she was in an unhealthy work environment for WAY too long. Over a year too long.
Good luck !

To sum up:
1. people are acting weird.
2. “I’m waiting to be impressed.” — Sean Connery in LXG.
3. Put up your boxing gloves on and take you flaming to the comments.
4. Sex is more fun then logic, I don’t know why, but it IS, just like mount everest IS and Alma Cogan ISN’T !
Good day !

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