Re: Trip to poland : Day 1

There’s one thing i never wish to anyone of you

My day today.

First, an interrupted sleep cycle by your ringing girlfriend’s phone, about an hour after you went to bed, tossing and turning for an hour, and finally fall asleep for 5 minutes before it rings, because she called it to see if she forgot it at home when she went to the airport.
Then, waking up LATE, figuring out that you’re missing the first 15 minutes of the first class of the semester !
Reading your emails from your girlfriend about her flight being late.
Then, arriving to classroom 14 min after 13:00, breathless from biking very very hard, only to enter a nearly empty class, and meeting a student saying : oh, you too ? didn’t you get the email that said class begins at 14:00 ?
Then you decide you have 35 minutes left to go to the ATM to deposit a chequq, and you realize you forgot the PIN code for that card you never use in the ATM, so you stand in line and decide to give up and fill those self-service Hish-Bank envelopes, and to do it twice because you messed things up and wrote things wrong on the envelope.
You go back to class where they tell you airline stocks went down today because there was some kidnap attempts.
You’re thinking: oh. I hope they didn’t kidnap and crash my girlfriend’s plane, but it’s 14:00 now and she’ll SMS me from her dad’s phone that she arrives.
At the 15:30, after not being able to listen to the teacher because i’m planning funerals, and casket shipping from the plane wreckage in poland i’m calling Lee’s mother.
Waking her up, she dont’ seem to care that her daughter is in mortal danger from terrorists. You ask her to call your girlfriend’s dad to see that all is OK.
Another hour pass by in which you think of how you are going to deal with all the friends coming to give their condolences.
you call YOUR parent, asking them to check Ben Gurion flight schedule for her flight, and see if she’s available in Skype yet.
You sit in another 1.5 hours of call, thinking what are you going to do with all her belongings, staring at her cellphone, which you took with you to school in case it ring, and wishing you could SMS her.
Hysterically, you call her mother at the brake at 18:00. She told you she don’t know anything and that she didn’t bother to call your girlfriend’s dad.
You wonder how come a woman who calls her daughter after dropping her off at the entrance to the house, just to make sure she went up the stairs OK, don’t bother called her when she’s being put in life threatening situations ! REAL ones, with plane crashes and funurals, and friends coming to grief you.
She explains that she can’t dial internatinal from her phone, you get her dad’s phone number and call it, hope not to hear “yeah, they are looking for survivers”.
He answers and lets you talk to your girlfriend who is angry at you for calling her, and making a fuss about her not telling you that she’s not been blown up to peices in the mediterenian ocean.

You are bored in class until you get a headache, because the 19:00 to 21:50 teacher wanted to finish early (as in 20:30) so he didn’t give us a break, but instead kept speaking for 2:50 hours, while all of us have been sitting in classes since 14:00. Some of us 13:00.
So you go to your bicycle to find out you have a flat tire.
You call your parents to pick you up with their car and they don’t answer.
You call a bunch of friends.
You end up dragging your bike to a gas station and hop-rinding between one station to another.
You cut your hand in the proccess.
You bleed on your shirt.
You say, well. At least it’s mathcing in color. It’s a red shirt with a star trek insignia on it.
You realize you’re a redshirt.
You arrive home and can’t figure out what to do next, so you stay and watch smallville, play warcraft for a short while, and get nauseated by Psychonauts.
You end up writing a post in your blog after your friend LeChuck2k tells you about some sneak passive hacking he’s been up to with your girlfriend’s blog.

Happy Birthday Claudia Christian.
Good ol’ trusty Hagai reminded me about it last week, so it gave me an excuse to SMS chat with her.
She’s such a nice person…

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