l33t h4x0r

First, Newest Weird Al Song:
White and nerdy
A song, about… mmm…. Me, basically.

Now, here’s a question for you readers:
I wore my L33T H4X0R t-shirt today, and many people keep asking me what it means.
I need to figure out some good way of explaining it, instead of saying : “I can’t tell you”, or “You don’t really expect me to explain all my jokes to you too?”, or “what exactly is DKNY that YOU have on your shirt ? Oh.. Donna Karen New York. I didin’t know that.”.
(I actually did know what DKNY was).

So, this is my task for you bored readers in summer haitous. Find me a good comback to “What’s that thing on your shirt say ?” that doesn’t reveal my l33t h4x0rn3$$ !
(other then it actualy being revealed by being printed on my shirt)

Go watch the song.

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